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Roofing and cladding is not the most exciting topic!
This is exactly what people think when they ask me what I do. You can see it in their face. I suppose I even think like this myself and I know my wife does! But what the hell, experts are renowned for being boring, solid and dependable.

You have a decision to make!
If you’ve landed on this page by mistake maybe your Google search went badly wrong. You can stick around and learn some boring specialist information about roofing and cladding or you can beat a hasty retreat back to your search engine and find out what went wrong! We won’t hold it against you!

Still here?
Good choice! You’ve decided to hang around; I know people say you should never assume, well I’m going to assume that since you decided to stay you need the help and expertise of our company. What’s more, to make this process as easy as possible we’ve listed our services below and each service has its own specific page. If you require further information we’ve included numerous contact avenues - you can call the office, you can fill in the enquiry form, you can email our office or you can call one of the director team and speak to them directly. The choice is yours and we’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

For now, thank you for visiting our home page I’m sure you’ll find what you need and again if you require any further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Commercial Expertise;
Industrial/Commercial cladding (repair and installation) : Flat roofing solutions : Asbestos roof solutions : Industrial/Commercial building maintenance : End of lease refurbishment/dilapidation work : Roof and rainwater removal management systems.

Our Domestic Expertise;
Rain water solutions : Flat roofing solutions : Roof gardens : Green roofs : Balconies : Garage roof and shed roof refurbishment : Carports and Canopies all available to the general public.

If you have an emergency or you feel you need specialist help asap feel free to call one of our director team and they’ll be happy to help.

George Simmons: Sales & Marketing: M: 07505 369115
David Terras: Technical/Operations: M: 07789 282424
Anthony Duffy: Contracts: M: 07772 229569